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IAM1318 – Co-Founder and Social Entrepreneur Helps People Volunteer with Animals Around the World

Podcast Interview with Nora Livingstone

Nora is a co-founder and CEO of Animal Experience International, a social enterprise and certified B Corp that helps people volunteer with animals around the world.

  • CEO Story: Started as a volunteer then became a volunteer coordinator in a wildlife center. After she left, her previous co-worker who is a veterinarian, pitched her the business idea and both were so passionate about it.
  • Business Service: Community-based program, establish volunteer program, recruiting of volunteers.
  • Secret Sauce: The only social enterprise that works strictly with animals.
  • CEO Hack:  Start with Why Simon Sinek
  • CEO Nugget: Be authentic
  • CEO Defined: Celebrating in everything. Controlling the legacy.

Store: www.animalexperienceinternational.com/store
Twitter: noralivingstone
Facebook: animalexperienceinternational

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