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Podcast Interview with Neel Parekh

Neel Parekh is the CEO and Founder of MaidThis, a work-from-anywhere cleaning franchise focused on Airbnb cleanings. MaidThis has been called “the franchise for millennials”, given its fully remote model and new-age spin on an old-school cleaning industry. As he built his business to reach millions in revenue, Neel traveled globally for five years while managing a fully remote team, living the “digital nomad” life.

Neel is also a host of The Remote Local Podcast, which discusses how to start a remote local business and travel the world.

  • CEO Story: After college, Neel worked in the finance industry. Realized that he was not a finance guy, he started different side hustles and it was the cleaning service that clicked. When it took off, he made it full-time and now scaling it up through franchise.
  • Business Service: Focused on cleaning vacation rentals which are on automated schedules when the client checks out. Residential cleaning with automated schedule and notifications.
  • Secret Sauce: For the business – new age, tech-savvy, easy as possible. For personal – identifying the problems quickly and what the core problem really is.
  • CEO Hack: Planning ahead of time. Priority task, “what is the biggest driver of my business?” It helps you elevate much faster.
  • CEO Nugget: If you don’t like doing something, pay and outsource it quicker. Free up yourself and do something more meaningful.
  • CEO Defined: Having the freedom to dictate your company in the way you actually want. Almost an extension of you, it’s there to serve you.

Website: www.maidthisfranchise.com

Twitter: NeelBParekh

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