IAM1548 – CEO Creates Online Courses That Have Memory-Based Adaptive Technique

Podcast Interview with Tyler York

Tyler York is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in startups, mobile gaming, and education. He has brought dozens of products and services to market that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Tyler is inspired by connecting customers with products that they love and that help them reach their goals. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Achievable, a test prep company focused on opportunity-gating exams such as the GRE, FINRA exams, ACT, AMC, and USMLE.

  • CEO Story: Tyler and his partner were roommates at the university, and they really wanted to start something after college, one was food deals but it did not last long. So they went into their own separate fields, education tech and Tyler went into mobile gaming. Their experience, helped them build their company Achievable in 2016 with the goal of applying the method of the memory-based adaptive technique via technology that integrates into the core learning experience.
  • Business Service: Direct-to-consumer business. Selling quality online courses with the best technology.
  • Secret Sauce: Best type of adaptive learning platform. Spaced repetition is 46% more effective.
  • CEO Hack: Training yourself with music, so that when it comes on while working, it helps you get focused. Project management system – Asana and time tracking ( understanding where you invest your most precious resource, time). Book mention: Atomic Habits and Secrets of Sand Hill Road.
  • CEO Nugget: Researching your market is so important which is oftentimes overlooked. Double your research market.
  • CEO Defined: Basically being the fill-in guy for the job that needs to be done. You are the glue between everybody else. The biggest advocate and evangelist to the company, customers, investors, and partners. Being responsible for everyone’s productivity, happiness and success.
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Website:  achievable.me

Twitter: achievableprep

Facebook: achievableprep

Instagram: achievableprep

LinkedIn: achievable

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