IAM1516 – Results-Driven Performance Coach and Consultant Helps People Achieve More Happiness, Fulfillment and Success

Special Throwback Episode Podcast Interview with Tracy Kennedy

As a results-driven coach and consultant, Tracy partners with individuals to help them achieve greater levels of happiness, fulfillment and success – personally and professionally. More specifically, she's a performance coach with a background in leadership and team development, peak performance, personal and professional growth and helping others discover what’s next for them.

Over the last twenty years, she’s worked in many roles: executive coach, consultant, facilitator, trainer, product development and leader. She’s had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals, teams and organizations across a wide variety of roles and industries. From running education centers for kids to defining and executing business strategy in small businesses to building content, products and technology which have been implemented and used in Fortune 500 companies.

She's incorporated everything she's learned along the way into an approach that uses a range of techniques, methodologies and wellness practices – designed to help people figure out their next step and fast-track them to where they want to be. Along with her individual coaching practice, she can also be found advising businesses on their next steps, writing blogs and articles (she's Lifehack's personal development expert), building courses and curriculum (her latest online course is “5 Steps to Discover Your Next”, and running training events in the areas of personal and professional development.

  • CEO Story: Tracy has been so passionate about the many roles she’s worked in for over twenty years. When it was time for her to build her own company that having her time with her family will be the priority, along with the decision-making. And so Tracy started her own coaching and consulting business.
  • Business Service: Coaching, consultant, trainer, and facilitator. Helping people be happier, more successful, and more fulfilled.
  • Secret Sauce: Drive and motivation to help people. Self-awareness and soul searching is essential for success.
  • CEO Hack: My mastermind group and Instinctive Drive tool
  • CEO Nugget: Know and be true to thyself. Trust your guts
  • CEO Defined: Leadership in your organisation and beyond.
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Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracykennedy4728/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tracykennedycoaching 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tracykennedycoaching/
Additional Websitehttps://www.discoveryournext.com/
Lifehack Contributor: https://www.lifehack.org/author/tracy-kennedy

Episode Link: https://iamceo.co/2018/12/06/iam123-results-driven-performance-coach-and-consultant-helps-people-achieve-more-happiness-fulfillment-and-success/

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