IAM1310 – CEO Focuses on Fulfilment Instead of Success

Podcast Interview with Christan Hiscock

Christan Hiscock is on a personal mission to change the conversation in the business world, moving away from the pursuit of success, to focusing on fulfillment instead. Because if you’re fulfilled, success is a given, but not so much the other way around. You’ll often hear him saying, “You mean more than you know,” because he believes that as people learn to understand their worth, their fears fade, and amazing feats become reality. He considers this the foundation for all his achievements as the Co-Founder and CEO of Kardia and leader of 16 thriving companies. Through Kardia, which means heart in Greek, Christan is determined to bring more heart into the business world.

  • CEO Story: Christan was exposed to the business world in his early teen. Completely fascinated with building things, growing, and achieving high levels of success. And so he was focused on learning the business ropes since then. Worked in the financial industry, after which, built his financial group company Kardia.
  • Business Service: Impact on the community by building real state and supporting the community.
  • Secret Sauce: Social impact. Thinking about how it will support the people, the community, and the world.
  • CEO Hack: Hire that role early before you think you need it. Take time, if you wanna grow. Book Recommended: 5 Love Languages of Love
  • CEO Nugget: You mean more than you know. Treat people that they actually are.
  • CEO Defined: Holding the vision for the company is going. Clear and focus on the vision.


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