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IAM365- CEO Offers Mother-daughter Relationship Consultation and Speaking Services

Podcast Interview with Dr. Michelle Deering

Dr. Michelle Deering is the founder and CEO of Curative Connections, a premier consulting company that offers mother-daughter relationship consultation, sport psychology services, and keynote speaking services.

A graduate of Brown University, Dr. Deering is a North Carolina & New Jersey state-licensed clinical psychologist and national board-certified sport psychologist.

Her best-selling book— What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters: 5 Keys To Building Trust, Restoring Connection, & Strengthening Relationships— helps mothers and daughters connect intentionally and improve relationally with each other.

When she’s not working with clients, guest blogging for Parent Magazine, or being a featured guest on podcasts & radio shows, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and twin daughters, playing her Ludwig drum kit, and taking boxing lessons.

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Facebook: @CurativeConnections
YouTube: (Mothering Motivation Monday™)
Twitter: @LightblbMoments
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BOOK (Hardcover/Paperback/E-book formats):
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