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Podcast Interview with Dr. Tonya Robertson

A poorly trained or untrained team is costing your business money and time every day! That's why Dr. Tonya Robertson (founder of Focused Training Solutions) and the team are proactive about ensuring that service-based business owners understand the importance of developing their teams to be more of an asset in order to increase profitability. Focused Training Solutions is not the average employee training agency. Dr. Robertson and the team take a holistic, strategic, and relational approach to ensure the ongoing success of businesses.

  • CEO Story: Tonya felt her past including her grandparents' lives was not lived to its potential, and having some regrets about how it should be and could be more productive, maximizing the true potential. That is why she is pouring her energy into her business, training employees and developing teams to be more of an asset to their respective companies.
  • Business Service: Develop, deliver and maintain a team training program
  • Secret Sauce: Understanding and bridging the gap. Capture the team right out from the start. Getting to know the people.
  • CEO Hack: 12th-week year program making laser-focused planning and making adjustments.
  • CEO Nugget: Getting to know the newly hired people and training them. You can bet on Dr. Tonya knowing she knows what she’s doing.
  • CEO Defined: Freedom of time. Creativity in finding solutions. Time with family.


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