IAM1447 – CEO Helps Entrepreneur Get Their Message Out by Appearing as Guests on Podcasts

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Jeremy Slate

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to.  He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrities, and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy and #26 in the business category. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and his wife, Brielle Slate, found Command Your Brand to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts.

  • CEO Story: Jeremy did a bunch of businesses before ending up having his digital marketing. Got established in the podcast and founded command your brand which grew so fast. Together with his wife, they have successfully found their niche in their shows, constantly upgrading.
  • Business Service: Booking on the podcast. Serve in high-end business by storytelling, message, and a call to action. Find the right audience for the clients.
  • Secret Sauce: Setting people apart. Small pond strategy – use the local community to build up your brand.
  • CEO Hack: Figure Out What You Were Best At and then start batching time
  • CEO Nugget: Not go to college. It's going to take more time and more effort. Books 10X Rule / So Good They Can't Ignore You /  Small Pond Strategy / How you start your day is how you're going finish your day
  • CEO Defined: Chief Vision Officer & Chief Vision Alignment Container

Free Offer: https://www.commandyourbrand.media/checklist
Twitter: twitter.com/jeremyryanslate
Instagram: instagram.com/jeremyryanslate

Episode Link: https://iamceo.co/2018/10/25/iam093-ceo-helps-entrepreneur-get-their-message-out-by-appearing-as-guests-on-podcasts/

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