IAM1566 – CEO Helps Professionals Create Persuasive Pitches

Podcast Interview with Kelvin Johnson

CEO & Co-founder of Brevity Pitch, an AI-powered software helping professionals, create persuasive pitches, Kelvin Johnson has versatile career experience as a CPA, consultant, and executive at a fast-growth tech startup in Denver. He is the author of the forthcoming novel, “Don’t Fear The Sharks: Six Principles to Pitch Investors,” coming out in October 2022. Johnson graduated from Villanova University with a Master's of Accountancy.

  • CEO Story: From CPA to management consulting helping early-stage entrepreneurs with their finances, sales, and most especially the pitch. Communications software as a service company serves the market gap in creating clear, concise, and compelling stories
  • Business Service: AI-powered tool that helps people craft and deliver pitch deck that sells. Relevant for fundraising, sales, interview for a job, or corporate presentations.
  • Secret Sauce: The aggregation of helping people refine their story, content, message, and delivery.
  • CEO Hack: Deep breathing exercises. Journaling – R (recognition of the emotions) A (acceptance of the emotions) I (investigating why, what's the root cause) N (nourishment/non-identification)
  • CEO Nugget: Hire by methodology. Stay consistent. Especially in the early stage of the company.
  • CEO Defined: Chief energy officer, chief everything officer. CFO chief follow-up officer. Time blocking.


LinkedIn: kelvin-johnson-cpa

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