IAM1354 – Emmy Award Winning Producer Helps Clients Get Their Story Out to the Public

Podcast Interview with Anna Davalos

Anna is a multi-talented, Emmy-award-winning producer with more than 20 years of experience in broadcast and online media. Anna tells stories, specifically her client's story, using video, words, animation – whatever it takes to get your story out to the public and to your clients. Alejo Media began when another chapter of her life ended. She’s a journalist, and back in 2011-2012 she was the Executive Producer at an online network, the funding dried up but she had more stories to tell. So she opened up Alejo, and she has never looked back.

  • CEO Story: Anna always wanted to have her own production company. Creating content and stories. Didn’t to go back into her journalism career full time, because she wanted to find a way to create and tell different kinds and ways of telling stories, that’s why she created Alejo.
  • Business Service: Create videos for social media, website, and online marketing campaigns. Knowing from clients their end goal. Creating good and interesting stories.
  • Secret Sauce: The permission to fail. Reshaping the narrative. Rephrasing that question/problem and having a different solution.
  • CEO Hack: meditate daily, Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy, 5-7 minutes of sitting and thinking
  • CEO Nugget: Persist. Just keep going. Don't be afraid to change your narrative
  • CEO Defined: Being a leader but not a dictator

Facebook: facebook.com/alejomedia
Twitter: twitter.com/alejomediallc
Instagram: alejo_media

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