IAM1282 – CEO Makes a Huge Impact in Ocean Preservation and in Cosmetics

Podcast Interview with Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo is known globally as The American Mermaid. She travels all over the globe performing mermaid shows and promoting water safety and ocean conservation. She Founded her non-profit in 2018. In 2019 she created her company Emily Alexandra, Corp. aka Emily Alexandra Cosmetics where she creates mermaid and ocean-inspired makeup that is vegan, cruelty-free, ocean-safe, and water-resistant! A portion of every purchase goes back into

  • CEO Story: Born and raised in Florida, a natural diver. Scared of mermaid show when she was young, but end up being hired as a professional mermaid. Doing shows and underwater modeling for clothing lines which led her to the idea of making a make-up line that is safe for your skin and safe for the oceans. Launched in January 2019 together with the non-profit organization that she founded.
  • Business Service: Emily partnered with Water is Live org which helped her a lot for her works in Africa. Her cosmetic line is produced in Asia, which portion of her sales goes to her non-profit org.
  • Secret Sauce: Her products are all-natural, cruelty-free, ocean-friendly, and water-resistant.
  • CEO Hack: Good sleep. Balance all aspects of life, so that you can feel more rewarded, at peace and creative. Delegate tasks to other people.
  • CEO Nugget: Be vulnerable, ask for help. Be honest, reach out to people that are in the industry, and ask for advice.
  • CEO Defined: Having the power over your life, decisions, who and where you wanna work and go. Gave her a lot of confidence.
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