IAM906- Founder Brings Efficiencies to Childcare

Podcast Interview with Scott Wayman

Scott Wayman is the Founder and CEO of Kangarootime, the leading software for childcare centers and preschools. A passionate entrepreneur, Scott spent more than a decade working with many healthcare systems across the United States and enjoyed founding a successful Healthcare Informatics business, Medstreaming.

In 2015, as a young parent-guardian, Scott was inspired to found Kangarootime when he discovered that many of the groundbreaking technologies being used in health systems and physician offices could greatly benefit childcare owners and leaders in the early education industry. He designed Kangarootime to bring the same efficiencies to childcare and to give childcare professionals the tools to scale their classrooms, automate their businesses and better communicate with the families they serve.

Scott has won awards for Kangarootime at Tech Week LA as a Finalist/Runner-Up, is a VatorSplashLA Champion, and is a member of the Year 4 Cohort of winners at 43North. Formerly a resident of Los Angeles, California, Scott relocated himself and Kangarootime to Buffalo, NY in 2018 after winning the 43North competition. He has become one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the area and works closely with the entrepreneurial community in Buffalo to provide mentorship and insight. When he’s not coming up with new ways to improve the world around him, he enjoys cycling, brewing beer, being a devoted husband, dog-lover and prankster.

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