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IAM1600 – Sixteen Impactful Things that CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners can do in Business

Gresham Harkless Jr.

In this special episode, Gresh is going to convey the Sixteen most impactful and pivotal that each CEO, Entrepreneur, and Business owner can do in their Business.

  1. Team – Delegation / Advisors /Mentors – There is no “I” in Team… (May)
  2. Culture – Creating a winning culture rarely just “happens” (January)
  3. Finances – Know your numbers. They tell a story (June)
  4. Self Care  – There is an “I” in Win (March)
  5. Leadership – Attitude reflects leadership – Leaders breed more leaders (September)
  6. Visibility – The name of the game is being found (July)
  7. Innovation + Creativity – R&D – Continue to Innovate – Never lose that innovative spirit – Always be Innovating (November)
  8. Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurs solve problems – What problem are you solving? (November)
  9. Technology – I'm a Technology Company that does … (April)
  10. Resources – Being resourceful is important but so are the resources too  (August)
  11. Connection & Networking / Communities – Relationships & Connections Matter – There's Power in Community (February)
  12. Operations – Business Model – The systems CAN set you free (October)
  13. Strategy – Why and how you do something might be more important than what you do (January)
  14. Human Part of Business – Mindset – Don't forget about the human part of the business (March)
  15. Future of Work/Entrepreneurship – Business as usual is not as usual (November)
  16. Pause – Spaciousness & Breaks – The One Thing – Taking time away can make you more impactful (December)

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