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Podcast Interview with Tony Saliba

Tony Saliba is CEO of Liquid Mercury. He is a world-renowned trading expert with more than 4 decades of experience, and his current company is also a major technology provider for digital asset and cryptocurrency markets. He is an internationally renowned business leader, multi-faceted serial entrepreneur, option trading pioneer, master trader and board member of the Chicago Stock Exchange, author, and shareholder, operator, and investor in nearly 100 companies. Tony has been the founding member of key companies in the trading and tech industries such as Efficient Capital Management, International Trading Institute, Liquid Point, Fortify Technologies, and more. He currently maintains a global team of staffers in offices around the US, UK, India and China helping companies achieve high rates of growth and identifies initiatives to unlock exponential value.

  • CEO Story: Started out as a forex trader on CBOE. With the overarching catching phrase, “necessity is the mother of inventions”. Tony got involved with technology back in 1984 with his first program. Using his ability and uniqueness to automate workflow to collapse things down as a trader to manage risk, and positions, identify value and stylize relative pricing as a way to value options against each other. Later taking third-party solutions which Tony delivered to banks and trading shops around the world and has been doing for 30 years. Started a number of companies, built them up and sold them. And Liquid Mercury is his latest and best generation of technology.
  • Business Service: Simplifying complex work to better serve the clients. Integrate third-party analytical tools.
  • Secret Sauce: Liquidity provision. Checks and balances. Ready and embrace the guidelines.
  • CEO Hack: Looking at a problem from all different angles. Picking one major issue, laying hand on it and focusing on that problem. Having a mentor.
  • CEO Nugget: Check yourself. In trading it's money management – so you don’t overtrade, and maintain your trade sides. Do not let your ego out of control. Make sure you have a connection to the people that matter in your company.
  • CEO Defined: Different responsibilities to different subsets of a business sphere – Shareholders, stakeholders, management team, how you look to your customers, how you look to the public, how you look to your investors, how you interact with your team
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Website: liquidmercury.com

Twitter: powerprocrypto , ajsmarketwizard

LinkedIn: liquidmercury , tonysaliba

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