IAM1542 – Reverend and Author Makes Impact by Leading People to Christ

Podcast Interview with Isaac Hayes

Rev. Isaac Hayes is the president of Healing of the Soul Ministries and author of “Men After God’s Heart:10 Principles of Brotherly Love.” He is also an Assistant Pastor at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois, and a doctoral student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Follow Rev. Hayes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @RevIsaacHayes.

  • CEO Story: Isaac was a college gangster rapper producing music with his friends – the sold tapes as his first venture of entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, he discovered he wanted to do more, so he switched to Christian rap. Selling them as well and doing ministry and preaching as well. It started taking off over the years, doing social media, YouTube, and speaking engagements including television. Then authored a book about 10 principles of brotherly love.
  • Business Service: Transformation business – life in Jesus. Using whatever medium to connect people to Christ. Making an impact on other people’s lives.
  • Secret Sauce: Make connections and correlations. Communicating and translating the Bible to people for them to grasp it.
  • CEO Hack: Devotion – quiet time with God, reading the Bible, and reflecting.
  • CEO Nugget: Making rest because you’re human. Perseverance pays off, and conviction with self. Keep grinding.
  • CEO Defined: Making tough decisions. Make sure you are rested, refreshed, and centered because a huge amount of money is at stake in making your decisions.

Website:  www.hotsministries.comwww.hotsministries.com/book

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