IAM1539 – Coach Shares his Real State Path to Others With Freedom and Happiness

Podcast Interview with Brad Chandler

Brad first got introduced to real estate when he read a book in 9th grade on how to buy houses. In 2002 an investor bought his neighbors house in Vienna Virginia and after talking with the investor he decided to start Express Homebuyers. 20 years later Express Homebuyers has bought and sold 4,000 homes across the country and runs primarily without his involvement. In early 2021 he went through a major life transformation and found freedom and happiness through self-love. In 2022, because of the profound shift, he felt obligated to share this path with others and started Brad Chandler Coaching.

  • CEO Story: Brad was already interested in the real state since he was in Grade 9, and passionate enough that he read a book about it. He started his own real estate company, now doing flipping that does 250 a year. Brad admitted he made a lot of mistakes but did a lot of good things too. Over a year ago, he brought in a CFO that streamlines the business and get systems in place, making him and his partner step out in a major way.
  • Business Service: Take clients back to spots in their life when they were children and figure out what was the meaning that they associate with this dramatic event, and tell them the story. Rewire happens.
  • Secret Sauce: Experienced it himself. You can’t escape prison unless you know you’re in prison.
  • CEO Hack: Meeting the personal needs of your people which drives them in their life.
  • CEO Nugget: Focus. Get really good at one thing. Instead of doing a bunch of things.
  • CEO Defined: Leading a team by example in a direction that everyone is aware of and believes it.
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