IAM1586 – Coach Helps Entrepreneurs Elevate Their Productivity By Rewiring Their Brains

Podcast Interview with Carrie Veatch

Carrie coaches driven entrepreneurs, organizations, and C Level Executives to elevate their leadership communication skills, productivity, and their capacity to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Carrie combines neuroscience, teaching clients to rewire their brains through mindset work, and a safe container for clients to create lives of time, location, and financial freedom.

  • CEO Story: Carrie’s core value has always been freedom. Didn’t wanna be in a 9-5 set-up or have someone else decide who she could or couldn't be. So Carrie has done a lot of different things, used to be a therapist and has Masters in Counselling. Always loved to do deeper work with people, and help them change from the inside out. Found the online coaching world, and has been very obsessed with helping people to live outside the box.
  • Business Service: Tapping into who do you love helping, not overthink every step of the process. Empower clients to make the best decisions for themselves.
  • Secret Sauce: Creating safety for strangers, and people that come within her orbit.
  • CEO Hack: Method of doing 1 task for 25 minutes and taking a 5-minute break.
  • CEO Nugget: Take quicker decisive actions, and trust yourself. Overthinking will cause you thousands of dollars if not millions.
  • CEO Defined: Having a business that you love, and that you are happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Website: setyourselffreellc.com

Instagram: setyourselffree.llc

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