IAM1538 – Coach Trains People to Think Like High Performers and Modernize Sales Process

Podcast Interview with Marc Nudelberg

Marc Nudelberg, President of On the Ball Ventures.

Marc Nudelberg is a coach, author, and entrepreneur. He leverages his experiences as a Division I football coach and President of On the Ball Ventures to help individuals and their teams adopt the 1 percent better mindset. Marc delivers energy, passion, and competitive drive while focusing on the details and developing processes that produce results.

  • CEO Story: Marc was fortunate enough to grow up in an entrepreneurial family. While in graduate school, he joined the college football organization for a span of ten years. After that, he stepped into the business world and partnered with his father to build a training and development agency that focuses primarily on mindset training people to think like high performers which then translates into modernizing the sales process and developing leadership in individuals.
  • Business Service: Coaching individuals. Working on processes with the organization to attain success. Identify problems and create solutions.
  • Secret Sauce: Create competitive culture. Create processes and disciplines to routines.
  • CEO Hack: 24-hour rule –  figure out what went wrong, and figure out where you went wrong. To overcome those obstacles in the future.
  • CEO Nugget: RPD – Relationships, Processes, and Discipline. How are you investing in relationships? Update your processes as they serve you better. Discipline – staying true to what you learn, putting in the work day in and day out.
  • CEO Defined: Having ownership and radically candid – the willingness to step into the group whether it's good or bad, and being transparent to people.

Website: www.ontheballventures.com

LinkedIn: marcnudelberg

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