IAM1527 – Animators Build a Studio that Supports and Encourages Artists to Tell their Own Unique Stories

Podcast Interview with Karen & Bill Drastal

Chubby Beagle Productions is an animation studio founded by Karen and Bill Drastal in 2018 that specializes in creating fun, engaging and entertaining animated content. They combine their television, game production, and animation skills to tell compelling stories in various mediums. Before forming their studio, Bill and Karen worked in animation for Bento Box, Warner Bros., USC, Google, and more. They have now turned their attention to building their studio that supports and encourages artists to tell their own unique stories. They are developing a diverse and sustainable animation studio through movies, shows, music videos, Youtube content, and their original IP.

  • CEO Story: Karen and Bill started as a freelancer in art animation projects. They got their first breakthrough when producing for USC and so they formed a team and hit the road to finally decided to make a studio in 2018, with a name they got from their old dog Chubby Beagle. Fit for their brand-friendly, sweet, and adorable.
  • Business Service: Animation through movies, shows, music videos, and Youtube content.
  • Secret Sauce: Keeping the line open. Not having the vision, to open doors for opportunities.
  • CEO Hack: Whiteboard, sticky notes, calendar, planner. True and genuine to yourself. Listen to motivational talks.
  • CEO Nugget: Be confident, do your thing. Find your audience. Build your confidence not from other people but from within.
  • CEO Defined: You are guiding everything, overhead on what everyone is doing. Prioritize and know where you are going.

Website: www.chubbybeagle.com

Instagram: chubby_beagle

Twitter: ChubbyBeagles

Facebook: ChubbyBeagle

LinkedIn: chubby-beagle-productions

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