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Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Kai Boyer

I work with anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, get rid of injuries or nagging pain.  Everyone from young athletes looking to improve their sports performance to new moms looking to get their bodies back to the elderly struggling with mobility and stability.

  • CEO Story: Kai started her own business while she was in her 3rd-year college. She had a career-ending hip injury, and end her college scholarship. When started working in LA fitness, she branched off after 2 years to have more control of the business back in 2016. To have better control of services offered to clients. and by 2017 she expanded her services including online programs.
  • Business Service: One-on-one private training, diet and exercise planning thru an online program. Corporate wellness program.
  • Secret Sauce: Much more expansive range of services was offered because she was in high-level competitive sports.
  • CEO Hack: Having a short-term and long-term goal list
  • CEO Nugget: Never stop growing
  • CEO Defined: Takes the hats and roles of many people

Facebook: kaiboyerfitness
Instagram: kai_boyer_fitness

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