IAM1349 – Fitness Coach Helps Community using his Health Code Program

Podcast Interview with David Clary

David is a fitness entrepreneur that has adapted to the hybrid virtual training landscape throughout the past 2 years of the pandemic. Through David's experience as a clinical exercise physiologist and sports performance coach, he has gained a vast amount of knowledge to help people of all ages achieve their fitness goals. He currently is connecting with the Ward 8 community of DC with a healthy lifestyle program called The Health Code to further educate the community on the three codes of living healthy which are finding your level of activity outside of work, proper healthy nutrition, and the right type of mental and physical rejuvenation to prepare yourself for the upcoming day.

  • CEO Story: Ikenga stands for a place of strength. Taken from the culture of West Africa. Working in multiple fields in the clinical and sports route gives David a strong foundation to become what it takes to be a fitness entrepreneur.
  • Business Service: Fitness company targeting those who do not know where to start in their fitness. Gives advice about nutritional habits.
  • Secret Sauce: Experienced in the clinical route and sports route. Understanding all things fitness-related and nutritional health.
  • CEO Hack: App mentioned, Balance (app for meditation). Book: Atomic Habits (building good habits) and Spin Selling (sell your brand).
  • CEO Nugget: Don’t give up. Continue to keep on building.
  • CEO Defined: Understanding customer service and being adaptable to all levels of the environment.


Facebook: ikengafit

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