IAM1495 – Trainer and Coach Helps Clients Blossom Into Credible and Engaging Speakers

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Jeff Hornstein

Starting my career fresh out of school as an engineer, it didn’t take too long before I got bored and decided this wasn’t for me. As I explored various paths…the field of communications kept flashing in my mind. Through a lot of discovery, I ultimately became certain that training, and coaching is what I was meant to do. Once I transitioned into communication coaching 20 years ago I haven’t looked back.

Our expertise is helping clients overcome their fear and nerves to blossom into the confident, credible, engaging speaker that you want to become. It is the best business decision I’ve ever made.

  • CEO Story: Jeff worked as an engineer during his undergrad. At some point, he realized he was not enjoying his work. Took advice from his mentor and took a personal growth class which confirmed his passion for communication, coaching, teaching, etc. And so, he transitioned into communications speaker for a company and was so good at it and got promotion after promotion. The opportunity came for him when asked to do a gig outside his company. And he jumped right in, and build his own company as a communication coach/ speaker.
  • Business Service: Coaching, helping clients deliver their message with clarity, confidence, and engaging.
  • Secret Sauce: Certification process to get new facilitators as they go onboard. Strong qualification.
  • CEO Hack: Landmark Education
  • CEO Nugget: Be clear about direction and expectations. Consider the ideas of your team.
  • CEO Defined: Being transparent



Episode Link: https://iamceo.co/2018/11/27/iam116-trainer-and-coach-helps-clients-blossom-into-credible-and-engaging-speakers/

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