IAM1489 – Software Engineer Created a Digital Art Marketplace that Helps Artists and Environment

Podcast Interview with Carly Rector

After spending 14 years as a software engineer at Amazon, Carly decided to branch out on her own in early 2021 to pursue her dream of making a difference in the world and in the online communities she’s a part of. Carly loves playing with game mechanics: and seeing how a little structure can guide people to create stories around it. As a long-time appreciator of digital art, she also hopes that a little structure can guide people to more easily support both the art they love and the environment.

  • CEO Story: Carly spent 14 years as a software engineer at Amazon but she was really more interested in business and product strategy. And so she started her own business fulfilling the need to help digital artists.
  • Business Service: Digital art marketplace. Artists uploads their art for sale. Online tools for building tools for the online gallery as a buyer.
  • Secret Sauce: Win-win for everyone – the company, the digital artist, and the environment.
  • CEO Hack: Service of making decisions quickly is to look at them immediately.
  • CEO Nugget: Offering the customer value that is worth the technical effort, something that you can move fast with.
  • CEO Defined: Drawing something that is bigger than what you can accomplish yourself and having other people fill it in.

Website: www.co2ign.com

Twitter: co2ign , GrapheneBee

Instagram: CO2ign

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