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IAM1478 – 4 Business Lessons from the Podcast

Special Episode by Gresham Harkless Jr.

4 Business Lessons from the Podcast:

  1. Content-Based Networking – James Carbary –

    Generate leads with your podcast using content-based networking.

    Don’t minimize the networking opportunity to reach out to other people within the network/podcast.

    Episode 630:

  2. 1st step Act – Mike Michalowicz –

    Profit first coaching. The first step act. Take a step back in your process to understand where there might be potential opportunities. Start thinking creatively about other revenue opportunities by taking a step back.

    Episode 669:

  3. Run Your Race -Caren Plummer –  What it is that you do? Why are you doing it? If you run your own race you can’t lose. Caren shares how she can impact people in the work that she does. Being a steward of the gifts that you have. Infusing your passion to create something new and innovative and run your own race. Episode 1312:
  4. Be Like Water – T.W. Shannon – Episode 1017:

Mentioned in this episode:

Lee Eisenstaedt –

Barry Moline's podcast –

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