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IAM1419 – CEO Creates a Play-Based Learning Experience for the Teams

Podcast Interview with Alexandra Suchman

Alex is a woman on a mission to transform workplaces from the inside out, starting with building human-centered and resilient team cultures. Her goal is to help teams be the change they want to see in the world.

As CEO and co-founder of Barometer XP, Alex creates and facilitates play-based experiences that help individuals and teams explore self-awareness and make meaningful, sustainable culture changes.

  • CEO Story: Alex wanted to achieve a cultural change behavior in the workplace but the challenge was how to retain and grab the attention of individuals to be more participative as well as learn from the purposeful event. So she incorporated playing games into the activity, which turned out to be very effective in the learning experience in the communication workplace.
  • Business Service: Directly working with consultants, facilitators, and trainers who work with teams. Provide games as a tool that they can use for teaching new information and having it implemented as a new habit.
  • Secret Sauce: Integrating culture-changing workshops with playing, encourages individuals to spend time together and bring new nutrients to the surface among individuals in the workplace.
  • CEO Hack: Playing games are doing the same thing that makes you effective.
  • CEO Nugget: Notice what is going around you just be open, explore and be curious.
  • CEO Defined: Inspiring people. Doing something in a new way. Have a vision and be intentional about it.

Website: www.barometerxp.com

LinkedIn: alexandrasuchman


Instagram: barometerxp

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