IAM1404- Personal Development Coach Helps Young Professionals in Corporate America

Sydney is a badass young female entrepreneur who focuses her work on personal development coaching. After leaving her successful career as a Buyer in Corporate America due to severe burnout, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment, she began her own Coaching Business full-time. She now focuses on helping young professionals find clarity and purpose in their lives, navigate overwhelm, connect to their authentic selves, and take the next step towards success in their lives and careers. She has a unique perspective on coaching work that makes yogic philosophy, spirituality, and personal development accessible and applicable to high-achieving young professionals in Corporate America.

  • CEO Story: Sydney had a successful career in the corporate world which led her to burnout and anxiety that made her leave her job. After she found clarity and purpose in her life’s perspective, it’s about time to help others in need through her coaching programs which are made unique.
  • Business Service: One-on-one coaching program.
  • Secret Sauce: Unique management coaching. Exposure to the corporate world and the creative world.
  • CEO Hack: The one that holds them back in accomplishing their goals is themselves. Consistency with the morning routine.
  • CEO Nugget: You are never going to be perfect, and it's okay.
  • CEO Defined: More committed to your purpose than to your comfort zone.

Free Training – “The 4 Keys To Get Unstuck – Even if you are burnt out, anxiety-ridden and over it”:
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