IAM1405 – CEO Runs Beauty Bar that Caters Lash Extensions

Podcast Interview with Latoya Buckmon

A mother 365 days out the year and an entrepreneur 24/7. What started out as a dream eventually turned into reality after consistent hard work to build her own business. Like most, She started out with no direction on how to get started. Multitasking her everyday IT job, providing for her son, and finding time to create takes more than saying you want it to work. She had to endure failure during the process, She had to learn patience and had to stay consistent with a focused mindset. It’s easier said than done.

She did her research on the industry she wanted to be a part of which was the beauty world. And she will continue to learn more and expand as she grows.

  • CEO Story: It started as an idea of putting up her own beauty bar. Despite being advised to take a different route, Latoya made her own way and open her dream business!
  • Business Service: Lash extensions and customs strips. Body contouring that is not invasive.
  • Secret Sauce: Putting all the creative process. Doing things outside of the box.
  • CEO Hack: App mention; Canva – making creative content.
  • CEO Nugget: You are almost there, don’t quit keep going.
  • CEO Defined: Somebody who is determined to go get it. Finding a way, making a way, finding solution.

Website: happyhourbeautybar

Instagram: LatoyaB

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