IAM1504 – Former Mayor Helps People by Offering Multi-Peril Disaster Insurance Coverage

Podcast Interview with Steve Gaer

Steve Gaer is the president of Recoop Disaster Insurance and joined the insurance startup company in April of this year. Before joining Recoop, Gaer spent 10 years in various insurance industry leadership roles at Marsh McLennan, where he was responsible for a property and casualty program insurance division that spanned more than 200 employees across 16 U.S. offices. Gaer spent 22 years in civil service as a city council member and then four terms as West Des Moines mayor.

  • CEO Story: Steve has recognized the importance of insurance to each individual as well as the business. How it can impact the lives of each family is a great place to serve. Having been in the civil service for 22 years as a city council member and a mayor, Steve witnessed the devastating impact of natural disasters on the community and how the government has helped to keep their lives and families together. Joining an insurance company is a great way for him to help and serve.
  • Business Service: Insurance covering – hurricanes, storm surges, wildfires tornadoes, earthquakes, gas explosions, winter storms, dust storms, and still expanding.
  • Secret Sauce: The only one in the marketplace and very economical. Paying claims within 48hours after sending pictures.
  • CEO Hack: Treat people the way you want to be treated. We should do the right things for the right reasons.
  • CEO Nugget: When you are in a leadership position, always be an active listener. People feel good about it and you can make better decisions because you’ve heard everybody out.
  • CEO Defined: The chance to set the culture in the organization. Setting the right culture that allows you to attract and retain the very best people and allows your customers impacted by your business to feel as good as they can about doing business with you
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Website: www.recoopinsurance.com

LinkedIn: recoop-disaster-insurance

Facebook: recoopinsurance

Instagram: recoopinsurance

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