IAM1321 – CEO Hires the Differently Abled Individuals for Ice Cream Business

Podcast Interview with Robin Rinearson

Robin Rinearson is a retired optometrist who specialized in developmental disorders. She has opened an ice cream parlor employing around 20 individuals who are differently-abled along with several conventionally abled people. The business model recognizes that it sometimes takes help from a job coach or a team member to get things done. The entire staff is expected to learn all of the integral pieces of working in this business.

  • CEO Story: The ice cream parlor was built for the benefit of Robin’s nephew and to help other kids with special needs get a job. A selfless act of kindness that helps special individuals get the chance to have a social life and a reason to function.
  • Business Service: Waffle cones, milkshakes, ice cream, ice cream cakes, and many others.
  • Secret Sauce: See and understand, and meet people where they’re at. Optimistic on finding solutions.
  • CEO Hack: Planner and observant. Anticipating needed things.
  • CEO Nugget: Be flexible. Anticipating costs. Saving until it hurts.
  • CEO Defined: Responsible for everything. Job coach. Paying attention to little things.


Facebook: Jakes-Ice-Cream-102208118696660

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