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Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Stacey Quick

Having cycled through 20+ professions by the age of 25, Stacey had a very clear idea on what he DIDN'T want to do. Stacey decided to scrape together a small amount of savings, and plan what he was going to do as a career. He only knew that he didn't want to report to a boss, nor did he want to request permission to take a vacation. Based on those two self-set rules, Stacey began working on his online fitness coaching business. It was the best move ever.

  • CEO Story: Stacey opts to have a working background than going to the University. Gone to Portugal and around the world doing part-time jobs. Up until when he was 26 years old, with the help of online courses, Stacey really pursued his passion for health and fitness.
  • Business Service: Workout labs training- online coaching platform. Create workout plans for the client’s specific needs.
  • Secret Sauce: Healthy nutrition and fitness into your lifestyle.
  • CEO Hack: Surround yourself with at least five people who are better than you.
  • CEO Nugget: If you keep trying different tactics, something will definitely work out
  • CEO Defined: Time and work freedom to achieve your true purpose

Instagram: mustardfitness

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