IAM1308 – CEO Creates Businesses that is Remotely Run

Podcast Interview with Rax Suen

Rax Suen is a nomadic entrepreneur and creative director that works with global clients on design and content strategies. He also runs NomadsUnveiled, travel, and remote lifestyle information site. With a curiosity for the world and human perspectives, he hosts the ChatWithNomads Travel podcasts, featuring conversations of world travelers and nomads.

  • CEO Story: Rax started with tech startups but when he discovered his true passion which is freedom – traveling. He began setting up remote businesses like design studios and content strategies.
  • Business Service: Graphic design, creative content. Share knowledge and experiences on his site with regards to remote work and travel.
  • Secret Sauce: Seeing other people’s perspectives.
  • CEO Hack: Practising gratitude. Ability to catch negative parts.
  • CEO Nugget: Things take time, you want to monitor your micro growth but make sure you don’t over judge yourself.
  • CEO Defined: Responsibility. How to align a company’s interest with personal interest and be able to help people grow.

Website: www.nomadsunveiled.com




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