IAM1277 – CEO Creates Innovative Solutions for the Army and the Community

Podcast Interview with Brad Halsey

Brad Halsey is a modern-day MacGyver. He works to empower people from all places and backgrounds to solve the hardest, most important, and time-critical technical problems.

As CEO and Co-Founder of Building Momentum, Brad leads a team of Ph.D.s, engineers, scientists, innovators, trainers, makers, educators, artists, and thinkers to solve for impact in their community. Making Alexandria, the armed forces, and the region a better place – ready to solve the hard problems ahead.

  • CEO Story: Brad was in the navy when he had the opportunity to join the Think Tank (researchers), solving problems for the military. Went on to be a consultant for the army in Baghdad solving problems, building solutions in the lab. Brad invented a 7-day training program for techs. And so he built his company Building Momentum.
  • Business Service: Problem-solving for the armed forces and the community, train them with technology.
  • Secret Sauce: Asking the why. Looking at the problem and what is really going on.
  • CEO Hack: Having time for self (time to think & a quiet time), family, and work.
  • CEO Nugget: Diverse staff in education, in global views, and give them a voice.
  • CEO Defined: Constantly change and critique yourself. Keeps on cultivating.


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