IAM1562 – Coach Helps Clients Achieve Financial Fitness and Empowerment

Podcast Interview with Annette Harris

Annette Harris is a certified Financial Fitness Coach. She has been a noteworthy leader in the financial and human resources industry for over 13 years. She is a U.S. Army veteran and the Founder of Harris Financial Coaching. She volunteers with local and national nonprofit organizations to help enhance the community's financial literacy.

  • CEO Story: Annette worked 2 years ago to get her family debt free, and so she did. While finishing her studies, her husband encouraged her to start her own business in line with her passion. Since young, she was so passionate about finances. Consulted her mentor, and was given a blessing to go for it since Annette already lived the truth of being debt free. She can now be seen as a figure to whom other black women can look up to. And so she registered her business the next day.
  • Business Service: Coaching services. Consultation and trying to fit together with their goals.
  • Secret Sauce: Holistic view of client's finances and goals, not just the current but including the past situation. Open and comfortable conversation with the client.
  • CEO Hack: Collaborating with other coaches. Build the network.
  • CEO Nugget: Be a lifelong learner. Do your research to gain credibility.
  • CEO Defined: Freedom to be creative in your own right. Achieve the dreams that you have set for yourself. Freedom to reach out to who you want to reach out to.

Website: www.harriswealthcoach.com

Blog: www.harriscashcoach.com

Instagram: harriscashcoach

Facebook: harrisfinancialcoach

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgP-ESGUFRnNp_Bg4_ylpOA

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