IAM1466 – Successful NoVa Real Estate Investor Launches Coaching Business to Help Investors

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Brad Chandler

Brad Chandler of Bradchandler.com and Express Home Buyers is a coach, real estate investor and wholesaler who has successfully flipped over 2,100 houses since 2003. As the CEO of Express Homebuyers him and his team – so over 200+ real estate investing deals per year without his assistance. During the chat, Brad covered a lot of ground including advice and tips for successful investors who want to own a real estate business and how he has been so successful but also delved deeper into business as a whole covering everything from hiring, masterminding and how he’s able to constantly read books and information to help him to be a better CEO.

Topics we covered included:

  • What's wholesaling and what's a real estate investor?
  • What is flipping homes?
  • What should people do if they are thinking about doing real estate investing?
  • What have you seen are consistent characteristics of the most successful real estate investors?
  • The importance of Mindset and Masterminding
  • A typical day for Brad
  • Advice that you have aspiring real estate investors?

Resources Brad Mentioned

Episode Link: https://ceochat.co/episodes/chat-46-successful-nova-real-estate-investor-launches-coaching-business-to-help-investors/

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