IAM1436 – CEO Revolutionizes Leadership by Understanding Mental Health and Human Wellness

Podcast Interview with Melissa Mellor

Melissa Mellor is the CEO of Hey U Humana globally recognized mental health and human wellness company. They serve corporations and individuals in over 80 countries around the world and within over 15 different applications. Through Hey U Human, Melissa is revolutionizing leadership and how businesses conduct work and lead their staff. Melissa is passionate about igniting humanity, waking humans up, and helping infrastructures and institutions understand mental health and human wellness through a completely different lens. A lens which the company is no longer reacting to mental health issues and pandering to personnel complaints. One that proactively engages the whole human to create an unstoppable workforce. If you are a human with emotions, or you interact with other humans with emotions, you will want to tune into this podcast.

  • CEO Story: Melissa was in the coaching industry which was based on manifestation and spirituality. She then noticed there was so much more out there that wanted to base on science and facts thus Hey U Human was created as a brand for every human, globally.
  • Business Service: Work with company and individuals – providing training and tools.
  • Secret Sauce: Deal with the root, and how to process and release it.
  • CEO Hack: Rapid Relief Technique™. It takes out all the stress in life.
  • CEO Nugget: Clearing all the old reasons why you believed one thing, releasing it, processing it then anchoring it to your new mindset.
  • CEO Defined: A visionary. Can see the world differently. Who can lead through things organically.


Instagram: heyuhumanrapidrelieftechnique , melissammellor

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Linkedin: melissa-mellor

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