IAM1425 – CEO Develops Software to Help Businesses Reduce Challenges with Finding Files

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Michelle Eichner

Michelle Eichner is the founder and CEO of Digitile. She works with businesses to reduce the challenges employees have finding files. Eichner is a seasoned marketer and SaaS software veteran with a deep understanding of the marketplace. Her more than 25 years of in-depth B2B experience driving product marketing and strategy helps identify market challenges, gaps, and solutions.

  • CEO Story: Michelle was the head of a marketing department of a start-up creating content for the stakeholders. She had a pain point with regards to the storage of files where it was stored in different locations, and really have a hard time accessing them. She figured it out by building her own system that could search the file across the cloud platform.
  • Business Service: Sync your google drive, Gmail, Slack, etc. After the authentication, you can search for the file you need from the different platforms.
  • Secret Sauce: Instead of logging in to a different platform, they wanted to unify the experience by working one way.
  • CEO Hack: Notion,  LinkedInHelper helping with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • CEO Nugget: You need to be able to network. Also, find mentors that can help provide an outside perspective (e.g. Small Business Development Center)
  • CEO Defined: Wearing a lot of hats and being flexible to play the different roles. Make good educational decisions.

Free Trial at Digitile: https://digitile.io/#
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleeichner/
Resources: https://digitile.io/resources/

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