IAM1304 – How This CEO and Media Consultant Helps Contribute to the Media by Pushing an Effective Health & Wellness Agenda

Special Throwback Podcast Interview with Dr. Alexis Moreno

Dr. Alexis Moreno is a consulting psychologist and founder of Wit & Reason. Passionate about the interplay between media, culture, and human behavior, she has decided to dedicate her consulting services to enhance media corporations and the creative workforce.

  • CEO Story: Alexis started her business as a media consulting psychologist, seeing that our media continues to struggle and how it impacts the individual and society. Special practice in media consulting did not exist and so she created one.
  • Business Service: Offering training and seminars that are customized. Workplace functional assessments to see how the workplace is functioning. Develop and review client programs.
  • Secret Sauce: Experts in the psychology of groups, leadership, cognitive functioning, emotions, and human behavior.
  • CEO Hacks: The League of Women Instagram: @theleaguewomen,  Startup Creative Instagram: @startupcreative, Freakonomics Podcast – The Secret Life of CEOs:
  • CEO Nugget: Highly respect everyone in the organization
  • CEO Defined: The foundation of the company and completely invested in the company.

Instagram @witandreason
Instagram @dr.a.moreno
Twitter @witandreason
LinkedIn: dralexismoreno
LinkedIn: witandreason

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