IAM1395 – Speaker and Coach Helps Passionate People Unleash Their Inner Badass

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Sandra Possing

Sandra Possing is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, who helps passionate people with big dreams and even bigger hearts unleash their inner badass. Through her 1:1 coaching, group programs, speaking, writing, videos, and social media platforms, Sandra is on a mission to wake more people up to the incredible power they have inside of themselves to break free from what's holding them back, seriously step up their game, and create extraordinary lives they love.

  • CEO Story: After graduating from college, Sandra landed different jobs hoping to find her calling in life. She believed she just can’t a job. After so much soul searching and consulting with her mentors and finally found what she really loved doing, and that is in the field of coaching. Personal development was her obsessed career path. She took off and was unstoppable!
  • Business Service: Helping people transform from the inside out. Help people figure out who they are. Coaching – one on one and group programs.
  • Secret Sauce: Optimistic. Seeing clients’ bigger dreams or visions for their lives. And what makes them unique.
  • CEO Hack: Positivity Brainwashing using Podcasts or apps like Audible
  • CEO Nugget: “Keep going” aka persistence, resilience, commitment or “being stubborn AF”
  • CEO Defined: 100% responsibility for everything and being a conscious creator of life and being a leader

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