IAM1385 – Gemologist Encourages Women to Invest in their Own Jewellery

Podcast Interview with Irina Kharina

Irina Kharina is a certified gemologist and a luxury jewellery concierge. As the founder of Tsarina Gems, she is a millennial female entrepreneur who started her business during the pandemic after spending 12 years in the gemstone and jewellery industry. Irina provides 1:1 private consultations on luxury custom jewellery to clients all over the world. Irina is passionate about empowering women to invest in their own jewellery to celebrate themselves and their wins, without waiting to receive jewellery as a gift. She has lived in 5 different countries and is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

  • CEO Story: Having been working in the jewellery industry for over a decade and knowing that gems are commonly used for engagement and anniversary gifts. Irina wanted to focus on it as a way to celebrate their wins and as a reward.
  • Business Service: Custom jewellery, semi-customed (you choose an existing design and customise the gemstone), and a ready to jewellery set.
  • Secret Sauce: Personalised experience. Look for what the client is trying to achieve and make them comfortable through the whole experience.
  • CEO Hack: Getting enough sleep. It will really help you for performance the next day.
  • CEO Nugget: Setting boundaries. Like working on weekends.
  • CEO Defined: Having a message behind your products and services is very important.

Website: www.tsarinagems.com

Instagram: tsarinagems

Linkedin: irinakharina

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