IAM1360 – After Practicing for Over 20 Years, Physician Follows Her Life’s Calling

Podcast Interview with Dr. Nicole Rochester

Dr. Nicole Rochester is a physician, former caregiver to her late father, and the CEO of Your GPS Doc, LLC. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and completed her residency training in Washington, DC. After practicing medicine for almost 20 years, she left a rewarding career in clinical and academic medicine to follow what she believes is her life's calling.

  • CEO Story: Dr. Nicole’s experience as a personal caregiver to her late father, has opened her eyes to the needs of others which led her to do something and made her own company.
  • Business Service:  Help family caregivers and individuals with chronic illnesses navigate healthcare. Finding a primary care doctor to communicate with the healthcare team when in hospital. Insurance claims to locate a nursing home.
  • Secret Sauce: Being a physician. On a mission as the nation’s expert in health navigation. Bridge the gap between physicians, healthcare organizations, patients, and family caregivers.
  • CEO Hack: Audible
  • CEO Nugget: Performed focused research and take action
  • CEO Defined: Using my gifts and talents to help others on my terms.


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