IAM1359 – Manager helps different Industries in their digital marketing

Podcast Interview with Joe Sanfilippo

Joe Sanfilippo is a young professional who on any given day can be referred to as a number of different things such as digital marketer, entrepreneur, investor, executive producer, and talent manager. As the Manager of Growth & Partnerships at a digital marketing agency, Today's Business, Joe has helped close millions of dollars in new business, managed award-winning influencer marketing campaigns, and was the executive producer for a docuseries that was named one of the best Sports Documentaries in 2021 by GearMoose. Joe is also the Co-Founder of Undrafted Ventures which possesses equity in a number of different businesses like the Premier Lacrosse League, Tomahawk Shades, OpenLocker, Gringos Tacos, Chido Tequila Seltzers, Evolution Physical Therapy, and more. On top of all that, Joe Sanfilippo is a Co-Founder of TeamMates Talent Management where he provides marketing and talent management services for professional athletes like Chris Hogan, Grant Ament, Marc Megna, John Shackleton, and countless others!

  • CEO Story: Joe started as an Intern in college in health care management where he oversaw agency partnerships. Moving forward, now he oversees multiple departments in Today’s business.
  • Business Service: Full-service digital agency. SEO, web development, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Secret Sauce: Keeping things simple. Good quality core values. Having a really good process and a good team.
  • CEO Hack: Control your energy, one coffee a week. App SEMRush – looks at other websites' traffic, authority score, etc.
  • CEO Nugget: Get into your calendar to get organized. Self-awareness, be honest with yourself. Figure out where you sit in the market. Find out your strengths and how you differentiate from there.
  • CEO Defined: Being a leader, someone that people can look up to and that’s driving the vision of the organization.
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Website: joe-sanfilippo-marketing

LinkedIn: joe-sanfilippo

Instagram: joe_sanfilippo

Twitter: JoeSanfilippo30


Youtube: Joe Sanfilippo

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