IAM1381 – Founder and Coach Helps Business Owners Suffering from Chaos

Special Throwback: Podcast Interview with Scott Beebe

Scott Beebe is the Founder and Head Coach of, and the host of the Business On Purpose podcast. Scott and the BOP team liberate Small Business owners from the chaos of working in their business and help them get their lives back by articulating and implementing intentional Vision/Mission/Values, Systems, and Processes.

  • CEO Story: In 2015, Scott lost his job and so he became the CEO of his own company largely by being pushed into the necessity of needing to build something that would serve other people.
  • Business Service: Deliberate small business owners from the chaos of working in their business.
  • Secret Sauce: Help people see what they can’t see themselves.
  • CEO Hack: Google Drive (including Google Doc and Google Draw).
  • CEO Nugget: Write your vision down so that those that read it might run.
  • CEO Defined: Hovering 5 or 10 feet above the business. Needing to be able to extract yourself from the business.
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