IAM1336 – CEO Runs an Email Marketing Agency that Drives Results

Podcast Interview with Danavir Sarria

Danavir Sarria is a 12-year digital marketing veteran and entrepreneur. He started out as a 16 year old writing emails for internet marketers. Today, he runs an e-commerce email marketing agency that consistently drives results for 6, 7, and 8 figure e-commerce brands.

  • CEO Story: Started when he was 16, into fitness. Met a fitness guru who gave him the advice to help someone for free to get started. Danavir was able to offer his service to a street magician who has a growing number of youtube viewers.
  • Business Service: Email marketing for e-commerce brands.
  • Secret Sauce: Having the results, process of getting the results. Client services, customer service at a higher level.
  • CEO Hack: Habit. Whatever is most important to you, do it at the very first of the day.
  • CEO Nugget: It’s more of skill, on what you are good at. Look at your strength and build that. Focus on what you’re good at.
  • CEO Defined: The person who architects the business plan, motivator, someone who focuses on people rather than the specifics of a business.

Website: supplydropmedia.com

Twitter: supplydropmedia , danavirsarria

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