IAM1326 – Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Helps Businesses File Their Business

Special Throwback Podcast Interview with Deborah Sweeney

Deborah Sweeney is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who runs a legal filing business, MyCorporation.com, which she acquired out of Intuit. She has successfully grown MyCorporation.com by focusing on top-notch customer service, and a long-time customer value.

  • CEO Story: Deborah works for Intuit as the general manager, in 2009, she expressed her interest in buying the company. And so a lawyer turned into an entrepreneur which she enjoyed every bit of it.
  • Business Service: Business license and filings. Trademarks, copyrights, employee payrolls, withholding filings, etc.
  • Secret Sauce: Building relationships with the clients. Listening to them and providing a great resource. Automation technology and tools.
  • CEO Hack: Managing Calendar and time-blocking with the team, responding to e-mails
  • CEO Nugget: Be Kind
  • CEO ReDefined: Providing Leadership

Twitter: mycorporation
Twitter: deborahsweeney
LinkedIn: deborah-sweeney
Blog: blog.mycorporation.com

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