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Special Throwback Podcast Interview with Alexandra Isenegger

Alexandra Isenegger is the CEO and co-founder of Linkilaw – the legal platform for startups and SMEs. At 21, Alexandra left her corporate law firm job, with a clear focus on making legal work transparent and accessible to startups. From 2015 to 2017, Linkilaw pivoted from solely a legal marketplace to also becoming a legal platform for startups and SMEs. In 2017, Linkilaw acquired the UK leading legal marketplace LawyerFair. This last year Linkilaw experienced 500% growth. Alex is also featured in Forbes 30 under 30. Her core strengths lie in legal, business strategy, implementing vision, and culture in a team.

  • CEO Story: Alexandra's drive is to see people (her clients and her team) grow and become what they were meant to be.
  • Business Service: Affordable and easy-to-understand legal services. Intellectual property, trademark, getting shareholder’s agreement in place, raising next round of funding, etc. with streamlined processes.
  • Secret Sauce: Provides the most specialist and the most experienced lawyers while giving a discounted cost.
  • CEO Hack: The inside rules and the outside follows. Getting centered and being present before starting the day. A little break can make you more efficient.
  • CEO Nugget: Be honest with others and yourself
  • CEO Redefined: Responsibility to its people

Crunchbase: alexandra-isenegger
Angel.co: alexandra-isenegger
LinkedIn: linkilaw
Instagram: linkilaw
Twitter Linkilaw: linkilaw
Twitter Alexandra: alex_isenegger

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