IAM1264 – CEO and Coach Helps Clients Re-align to a Right Mindset

Podcast Interview with Kirsten Franklin

Kirsten Franklin is a self-proclaimed recovering attorney who turned successful entrepreneur and coach. She has worked with over 1000 high-level CEOs, Founders, and Professional Athletes helping them to master the mindset and skills necessary to get things done and build the businesses and create the life they aspire to.

  • CEO Story: After leaving the real state business she first built, Kirsten moved on and built the first legal recruiting company which was completely remote.
  • Business Service: Helping her clients find the right solution to their problems. MVP – mindset to execute. vibration and process.
  • Secret Sauce: The level of understanding of other people with no judgment.
  • CEO Hack: It’s not the book that you read but the ability to empathize with other people.
  • CEO Nugget:  Helping clients stand on their own. Enhancing the ability to give to her clients.
  • CEO Defined: Driving leadership. Being apathetic. A global view, understanding the oneness. Communication is the key.


LinkedIn: kirsten-franklin

Facebook: ThriveTribeGlobal

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