IAM1241 – CEO Makes a Naturally-Safe Premium Haircare and Home Fragrance Products

Podcast Interview with Lynn Power

Lynn is a long-time advertising executive (formerly CEO of J. Walter Thompson NY) turned entrepreneur. Throughout her career, Lynn has been fortunate to work on some of the world's most iconic brands including American Express, Clinique, L'Oreal, and Hershey's. She launched two businesses in 2020: MASAMI, clean premium haircare launched in February 2020, and Isle de Nature, a luxury bee-powered home fragrance, launched in September 2020.

  • CEO Story: After working with the big brands in her career, she found a niche that big companies don’t offer, and that is a clean premium haircare and bee-powered fragrance that offers no toxicity substance in it.
  • Business Service: Making a good for people and the environment. Naturally safe premium haircare and home fragrance products
  • Secret Sauce: Build a network. Not just for business connections, but have people you can trust and who can push you out of your comfort zone. Be curious.
  • CEO Hack: Virtual meet-ups like Lunch Club (business matching) and Current (talking about challenges or issues). These platforms are great for starting a business network.
  • CEO Nugget: Don’t wait to get noticed, you have to tell what you want and what your expectations are. And if you’re not delivering, ask for help and feedback.
  • CEO Defined: Setting a vision that is about positive growth, that creates and defines success not just in monetary but in terms of legacy.

Website: www.lovemasami.com

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