IAM1242 – CEO and Author Helps Business Owners on How to Sell like Jesus

Podcast Interview with Deb Brown Maher

Deb Brown Maher is a sales coach, author, and speaker who helps business owners and solo entrepreneurs change the way they sell from convincing a prospect to buy to being of service and looking for a win-win. She is passionate about helping people sell from a position of integrity and shares her methods in her book and video training course called “Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ for Ethical Sales”.

  • CEO Story: After working in the corporate world, with a sales script that contradicts with her inner principle and that’s why ‘Sell Like Jesus' was born.
  • Business Service: Her book teaches selling as a form of service to people – servant leadership like Jesus did.
  • Secret Sauce: Understanding the client. Insight – understanding the business essence. Listening and asking questions.
  • CEO Hack: Always reading. 1 Book for Business, 1 book for spiritual, each month.
  • CEO Nugget: Mistakenly, before, I used to think about myself, but now, it's about others – how you can impact other people one at a time.
  • CEO Defined: Making rules for the business. Create, adjust and execute the path.

Website: debbrownsales.com

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