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IAM1231 – Are You Making an Impact Using Your Gifts or Your Mission?

What is Your CEO Nugget?

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CEO Nugget: These are the deeper resources. Business advise.

“If you can happen to a time machine, what will you tell to your younger business self?”

  • Do the thing that you were called to do.
  • Make sure you are making an impact in the zone of genius, your gift, the thing you want to do to try to impact.
  • Make sure what you’re doing is in alignment with the mission, vision, goals, and the human aspect of the business.
  • The journey takes time, someone you look up to has gone through failures, make a deeper research into their lives.
  • BookOutliers, the story to success, mentions the 10,000-hour rule, the time they put to be successful does not happen overnight.
  • Build yourself. Your emotional well-being is one of the biggest things that determine your success. As well as your mind space and mindset.
  • Don't compare your strategy to others, and grab them all. Just pick the top 3 ingredients which are audible to the success strategy you are trying to accomplish.


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