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Podcast Interview with Heather Remec

As the owner of SalesSong Studios, a Digital Marketing Agency, Heather Remec helps service-based businesses with Lead Generation, Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Services in order to nurture your audience and scale your business.

The goal of her services is to support businesses by increasing revenue, scaling online, creating sales pathways through marketing automation (which provides leads ready to buy), and creating brand visibility leading to sales. She helps to set a business apart by finding and nurturing ideal clients and creating customized marketing automation to position the business as THE option, leading these clients to understand the value of your higher-end services.

  • CEO Story: Attended a business program as a sophomore that helped greatly in elevation for business. Her mentor got connections with businesses. And so at 16, she landed a job at a fortune 500. The quick learning curve for Heather, dressed for success in the corporate environment. She left corporate, shifted and studied psychology and biology, and became a medical counselor for a while, which helped her understand more about people as a marketer. Moved into the online space in 2014, and focused on multiple areas in helping businesses online across the world rather than just in the local community.
  • Business Service: Marketing firm. Lead Generation, lead magnets, sales funnels, copywriting, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and digital marketing strategy.
  • Secret Sauce: The ability to understand the humanistic standpoint of a client. Helping clients to show and tell their own beliefs.
  • CEO Hack: Hiring the right people. Hiring process. Personality tests, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Take care of your team.
  • CEO Nugget: Give your team scope of what’s happening, when you start a project try to limit the amount of changes – do a solid marketing strategy first.
  • CEO Defined: Professionally its impact – the ability to positively impact your team.
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Instagram: heatherremec

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